This section shall not apply to any member of the Board of Selectmen.

Within 10 days after his/her appointment, any temporary officer must be sworn in and shall post bond, if required, for the faithful performance of his/her duties.

Failure to do so will result in a rescission of the appointment.

The Town Treasurer shall prescribe the methods of accounting and the forms to be used by the several officers, boards and committees of the Town pertaining to their receipts and disbursements, and shall provide that such methods and forms shall conform to the requirements prescribed by law or by any rules or regulations made thereon.

Said Committee shall choose its own officers, and shall serve without pay except, however, the secretary thereof, who may receive such compensation as the Town may by vote provide.

Said Committee shall cause to be kept a true record of its proceedings.

Without intending to limit the foregoing, the following bylaws, rules and regulations are to be included within the scope of this section.

The specific penalties listed shall apply, and in addition to police officers, who in all cases shall be enforcing officers, the Town personnel listed shall also be enforcing officers. The Advisory Committee shall consist of six citizens of the Town, who shall be appointed as provided in the following section, and no person holding an elective or appointive Town office shall be eligible to serve on said Committee.

And if any member is absent from five consecutive meetings of said Committee, except in case of illness, said Committee shall consider the position vacant and proceed to fill the same.

The term of office of all persons chosen as aforesaid to fill vacancies shall expire on June 30 succeeding such vacancy, and a successor shall be appointed to fill out the unexpired term of each member whose office has been so vacated, in the same manner as the original appointment.

These bylaws shall be referred to as the "Code of the Town of Bolton, Massachusetts." Any of the bylaws under Parts I and II may be repealed or amended or other bylaws may be adopted by a majority vote, at any Town Meeting, an article or articles for that purpose having been inserted in the warrant for such meeting.