I was concerned that in the locker room guys would be uncomfortable around me." Despite the fear, Sims told them he was gay.

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"In the dorms, there were nights when girls would literally stumble into our room and climb into bed with him.

And five minutes later, they would leave." At the time, Sims was actively dating men.

"Everyone was just really focused on the goal at hand, and [Sims being gay] was just put on the backburner. I don't think anybody was concerned that it would get out to the press or anything." It also helped that Sims was good. He was the captain of the team and he was a first-team all-conference player that year.

While his team got beaten badly by Delta State in the national championship game, 63-34, Sims said he recorded three sacks in the game.

While living with nine of his teammates, he was able to hide his romantic life from these very close friends.

He had first realized he was attracted to men in junior high school and in high school had a long-term affair with a fellow athlete.

The family settled in Pennsylvania for Brian's high school career, and he ultimately suited up for the nearby Bloomsburg.

Playing in Division II, the team's record midway through the 2000 season was 4-2, and they were setting their sights on a Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference championship.

The guys Sims told that night didn't hold a team meeting, but slowly more and more teammates found out.