She wants to be happy and she believes in giving people a second chance.’The long-haired Essex boy had a temporary job in the firm's Corporate Trust section at their Liverpool Street offices – but he was sacked 25 minutes after he arrived at work the following Monday morning.

They imposed a £160,000 fine but reduced it to £30,000 after hearing of ‘Mr Rutland’s financial circumstances including a debilitating illness affecting his ability to work’ – but gave no further details.

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He was also seen having a string of brief meetings with East Enders star Jessie Wallace, who would drive to the Royal Oak in Loughton, Essex, only to meet Rutland in the car park before driving off again.

At the time, Jessie – who had just joined the flagship BBC1 soap as Kat Slater - denied buying drugs from Rutland, telling the Sunday Mirror: ‘He’s my ex-boyfriend’s nephew, I know his family, I've known him for years. The Sunday newspaper took the package Rutland – then 21 - sold to a reporter to a laboratory where it was confirmed to be cocaine, and when asked to comment, Rutland said: ‘I won’t confirm or deny anything.’Today, a source close to Tamara, 28, told Mail Online that she was aware of the incident, saying: ‘Tamara just wants to be in love – just like anyone else.

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