Anybody wishing to argue with me on this, please be sure you know the law before you make a fool out of yourself. The fact that these things get such large appeal is sickening. I'm not going to start going on that this is "illegal".... ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------- @ Zone check out my review on teen titans hentai 3: starfire, I have a suggestion for one of your next animations.

now go make "Teen Titans Hentai 4: Starfire and Friends," ok? Teen Titans is not a pornographic show, it also has a large child audience appeal, therefore, the likelyhood that the creators of the show intended for ANY of the Teen Titans to be 18 or 19 is VERY SLIM. What we DO know (obviously) is that the character is getting raped. And when it is portrayed so graphicly, obscenely, and out of context as it is, it is certainly illegal to display it so. I still liked the 2nd one best : P maybe (in the next one) get ALL the teen titans to have a giant orgy, lol... Then again, the same people would find something else to bitch about. When the tentacle monster tore her shirt, the faux logo in the bottom right covered them up in some of the scene. While I hope you read the reviews and comments, I hope you do not take the negativity directed towards you to heart. If you dont like what Zone is submitting dont fuckin' watch them, or any hentai submission for that matter.

Bagi tempoh masa yang panjang, cara ini lebih menjimatkan disebabkan kita tidak dikenakan interest atas premium sekiranya premium dimasukkan dalam jumlah pinjaman.

Stop being such jealous homosexual pricks and complaining about his work just cause it's hentai. รด.o Do you think I'd really expect anyone to mutilitate his genitalia? this is happening to a girl worldwide every 11 seconds...

"I wish you'd do something else other than hentai, it's a waste of time" I wish you guys would do something else other than living your pathetic lives, there a waste of times. *shrug* I don't think you can have a normal discussion with people around here, anyways. female genital cutting rocks *puke*) It's still awkward seeing people defend this... greez greez @Austrian-Mats how is it realistic, it was a giant ink/tentical monster raping her....

Nevertheless you're a great animator Zon, don't listen to these jealous homosexual bitches. "Hail Hitler, just ignore the stuff happening to the jews, and you from the resistance, fuck off, you idiots" Yeah, yeah, it's just a goddamned cartoon. I don't know if you're turned on by the stuff you draw, but if so, I pity you. and Zone sama has his own web site and does this for a living, so i dont think u spamming his comment box with things ur against is gonna change anything he does..

Everyone (with commen sense that is) loves your hentai. =| To all the other rape-fans: You suggest not to watch a rape-promoting tape? But as notorious said, if it is accepted in cartoon form, how long will it take to be not a shocker anymore in reality? ..bad a majority of us will have children - I wouldn't approve mine growing up in a society that approves rape (no matter how unrealistic this is, however), would you? I'll tell you what, just going with the fucking mainstream, THAT is whiny! In any case, you're still pretty a genious, gainig high scores by excellent animation AND satisfying the peoples thirst for provcation and molested pussy. @Black-Sage The act of rape, the pain and her reaction were quite realistic, weren't they? And no, I don't think Zone's gonna change anything in his work, why should he? And you refer to anyone with a different opinion as spammer?

Biasanya bagi mereka yang aktif dalam pelaburan hartanah (jual-beli hartanah), setiap kali membuat pinjaman ,perlu memohon plan MRTA dan sekiranya ingin menjual semula hartanah tersebut, perlu batalkan MRTA tersebut.

Dan seterusnya sekiranya ingin membeli hartanah lain, perlu mengambil sekali lagi MRTA yang lain.

and tentacles lol just, if you're gonna take 4 months, say you're gonna take 4 months and we'll understand - it's better than saying 'it'll be out soon' every week for 4 months. Otherwise if they are 18 or 19 they are more commonly referred to as ADULTS. I would suggest something other than Teen Titans for your next movie since so many seem to whine about it. What shocks me the most that with this score it will be in the area of top 50... Keep up the good work Zone ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------- @ Leonard Not Lenny Stop being such a bitch.

Damn, if you would make a real animation without any hentai involved that would be sweet as hell! Gawddamn Zone, you really went all out on this one - truly a Masterpiece of Fapping... I lines you chose were great too because they kept Starfire's personality in it instead of her just looking like her it actual was her in it. This is used to emphasize the fact that they are young, intended to generate larger appeal to the porno. @Zone I think you did smashing good job, especially blending the original TV content with your own. The Graphics were good but what does that matter when a flash portrays something so vile. The author has amazing talent but it is being wasted on such a bad subject. I can understand people making flashes that make fun of hentai, that i'm ok with because we can choose to not look at it, but these people just piss me off.

Dan sudah tentu pada masa itu umur pencarum telah meningkat dan menyebabkan premium lebih mahal.

Jika mahal masih lagi boleh diusahakan, namun jika pencarum telah pun menghidap penyakit dan hilang keupayaan sehingga tiada lagi syarikat insurans/takaful yang mahu menerima untuk menjadi pencarum di syarikat insurans mereka, bagaimana pula ?

Continue to praise this vile flash and continue to bring the creditbility of newgrounds down... i agree that there wasn't enough boobage in the flash. You definately have tallent and ,dare I say it, I would love to see you do a less adult / more serious flash. :3 OMG notorious what your problem with this Flash go back to your Disneyland and stop talking shit like a old prude American Grandmother, its not Zone's Problem that your only like Real 50 Yeahrs old Womand's.