Trải qua quá trình phát triển, Sofia đã từng có nhiều tên gọi.

Các khu định cư tiền sử đã được khai quật ở trung tâm thành phố, gần hoàng cung cũng như ở các quận ngoại vi như Slatina và Obelya.

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Sofia ít nóng vào mùa Hè hơn các vùng khác của Bulgaria do cao độ của khu vực này cao, dù đôi khi nhiệt độ có thể lên tới 40 °C.

After a tsunami of coerced self-censorship wiped away the truth from American media, theres now a news blackout on Pizzagate and the Norway child-porn arrests.

The same Village Voice who owns (and profits greatly from), which has a prolific adult services section that has been well documented to facilitate prostitution and has also been used as a vehicle for the exploitation of minors.

(After Craigslist shut down their Adult services section in the US Backpage's revenues jumped 15% the next month, What's worse is the Voice singled out Ashton Kutcher, and then proceeded to berate him for what they percieved as poor movie choices, poor acting, and poor anti-trafficking activism, degrading Ads run by Kutcher's anti-trafficking non-profit as "frat boy humor".

This astute observation spurred me to probe the background of international intrigue that points to a blackmail operation against the Norwegian government by the Clinton State Department, the CIA and George Soros, all detailed in the second half of this report.

The wave of censorship by the Obama White House, and planting of disinformation by the Hillary-Soros cabal, are in blatant violation of First Amendment protections for the freedoms of press, speech and religion.If anything, the statistics in question will go down.What do you have to lose- besides a little face, and oh yeah, a lot of cash. Cho đến năm 1936, nhiệt độ trung bình là 10,0 °C (50 °F) và kể từ đó nhiệt độ đã tăng 0,5 °C ( 1 °F).Lượng mưa trung bình hàng năm khoảng 650 mi-li-mét (25,6 in) với lượng mua mùa Hè cao và mùa Đông thấp.The contrived fake news narrative from the CIA in nothing more than a pretext for a dictatorial Executive branch to impose blanket censorship on the press and online alternative media in the dying hours of the Obama regime.