There is a Ghost in My Bed (1981) AKA C'e Un Fantasma Nel Mio Letto Billionaire Adelaide (Lilli Carati)Camillo (Vincenzo Crocitti) are newlyweds.

On the way to their honeymoon, Camillo gets frisky in the car and causes a wreck - fortunately, they spy a Gothic looking inn nearby. Camillo may be the goofiest human being who has ever lived (and, yes, I'm taking into account Don Knots, Jerry Lewis and Jim Nabors); and his wife is among the hottest.

The innkeep, like the audience, is in disbelief that these two could be a couple.


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Which leads back to a show like , and the programming execs who should know that eavesdropping on the playground kaffeklatsches going on around the country can lead to a bigger piece of the $2 trillion controlled by moms who make 85 percent of household purchases. And if hearing the ladies of was a turn-on, or that Anne gets hot from her thong, or that Susan will only have sex on a table if she can put a nice throw blanket down first doesn't suggest at least a dozen ways to sell the next great tablet, or market the next great dramatic film, then leaning in may not be enough.

Those execs in media and advertising may just have to plop down in front of a nearby laptop screen and learn about the ins and outs of middle-aged moms and their salty, funny, honest conversations.

The realization of their fantasies about how many products could be sold may only require tuning in.

Adrienne Becker is CEO of Glass Elevator Media which produced Bench Warmers, premiering on May 7 at

The world's "most valuable" Internet domain name,, went up for grabs on Thursday having fetched 12 million dollars in 2006, a German firm handling the sale said Thursday."It happens very rarely that an Internet address of this calibre goes on sale," Cologne-based Sedo said.

"(The) sale of offers the new owner a unique opportunity to became market leader." Sedo, which said it is the world's biggest trading platform for domain names, is selling on behalf of US firm Escom after creditors filed for insolvency protection, a joint statement said.

Com - Kieren Mc Carthy's first book just arrived this morning after a week long stopover a La Poste in Toulouse.

Looking forward to starting it :) First review here: uk/2007/05/14/first-review-of-sexcom/ Sex.

Can't Kristen Wiig get knocked up so she can weigh in here? Turns out sitcoms long ago turned into sexcoms, and -- brace yourself -- it's all been on the advertiser's dime.

Here's what the research turned up: Alan gets caught masturbating multiple times on .

But their leader Captain Jane has broken free and now plots to turn the tables…