The subject sex is taboo but on the other hand the cause of the high infection rate of Aids here in Tamil Nadu.You may be assured that these "ladies" are mostly very well informed and aware of this danger as soon as they meet other likewise minded persons.

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A lot of social organizations target especially these groups as they are often in the danger zone.

Although lorry-drivers are very often in this danger zone too but harder to reach to inform.

Regards Sabyasachi Yes, Henk, It is a raw nerve you have touched, as Sabyasachi has rightly put it... If this are beggars,they are really reach,if I see qualitiy of their dresses.

ever living the Dusk of the culture, they were never really meant to be black or white... On fast photo look, I think "What a beautiful dresses they have wearing".

a lot of informations of different type makes the note really special.

these people still stuggle for a place in the society, and again, have their own community to sustain themselves.Don't be mistaken, these are NO girls but MEN dressed as women, Aruvani called by Tamliens. In Tamil Nadu state there are an estimated 150,000 of aruvanis.They represent everything that goes straight in to the traditional puritan morality of Tamil society where still some code even for dressing is imposed not to be provocative.TFS, Arnab Great post today, Henk - not only because of the theme, but also because of the moment caught on camera - lovely group giggle!Sometimes, when reading notes like this one, it makes me feel like living in 13th century, not in 21st! Robi I like the happiness coming out of this shot, contrasting with your sad note.But that grey is where very subtle monsters exist & hence the damage...