All the machine does is have the frats and sororities agree to support a Greek candidate and vote for that person.It's not unlike any other political party except it was done in secret since they usually made their pick a year in advance. Cleo Thomas was the first black SGA president elected in the late 70s.and somehow whoever took the video managed to do so without being made by Secret Service.

I've read that Sela was a Chi O, but I remember her being an Alpha Chi with my first cousin.

I've also read that she is my age (she's actually 2 years older-ha). There are some really good looking guys at Alabama and the frat pictured is not a good representation.

But hey, as long as he's still commander-in-chief of the biggest army in the world ...

It took some effort from King's fellow musician Buddy Guy to persuade President Obama to partake in a reprisal of 'Sweet Home Chicago' but he was soon singing a few bars from the classic hit about his home city.

They have 70s haircuts, but in the 70s Bama fratboys were incredibly gorgeous.

These are just sad, fat and fugly, for the most part.

Why do they put him on there, but deny him a last name? What is with all the surnames being used as first names? That pic looks like it literally was lifted from 1977, but for the lapels and tie widths.yes, the "Howard" photo is fairly shocking in its significance. But who is the frat lesbian in the last row: Hansen Roberts. That way you could just peek out a little- because you were so shy! Dip stick straight guys (especially the 'follow the leader' types) seemingly will always go for this idiotic look. I'm 40 and I'm no pedo perv, trust me..I work and live in a big city and I get out everyday.

The swooping thing they have going on can be seen all over the south, particularly in private schools and fraternities. I graduated High School in 1981, and the prevailing moron's way of wearing one's 70s hair was to comb it down over your forehead, so that it grazed your eyebrows. Who are you geriatric shut-ins who don't know how teenagers/college kids wear their hair these days?

what you say is mostly true and no doubt that some of the fathers, if not most, are now between 45 and 50.

I wouldn't know the exact age of the one i am talking about but i know that it happened in 1987.

I believe this was around the same time that Sela Ward was crowned Homecoming Queen.