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I wish I could know the animals are killed for the meat in a humane way and treated well their entire life to that point.

I just do what I can and what I believe is right for them at the present.

It might cost a little more to feed them this way…but it pays for itself in the lack of vet bills many times over-especially as the get older.

I can’t speak to the sourcing of the meat other than what’s noted below.

Please see the Baboon Matters site on Facebook for more details on h...

In such a beautiful location in Africa this weekend.Our first focus is a script called Hazard, based on the Richard Marx #1 hit of the same name.I am also adding the title of "director" to my repertoire.Just choose Animal Avengers as your charity and shop away. I knew it wasn't going to be good but this is beyond awful-& so fast! How can we protect our animals now so that future generations can grow up knowing & respecting animals as all life should be treasured? Pipelines inevitably leak leaving the soil, water, animals & people in ruins. I tend to do it all myself so often that I realized it was time for some professional tlc. I want to share a story and press release that I was just made aware of regarding a situation here in Cape Town.It's only going to get worse for the animals from here out. Habitat loss is the number one threat to animals in this day & age. Please support the protection of land & environment whenever, wherever possible. What are you up to this Chinese New Year's Eve? There have been many fires raging and the animals quite often fall victim to these horrific acts of arson.As I learn of new products, I sometimes change what I feed them or believe in at that time. I give 2 of my dogs this food from their Premium Line. The Bison is too pricey for me and a lot of dogs have chicken allergies. They deliver the amount I need monthly right to my building.