However, the illness didn't stop the actress from continuing their talk afterwards. It's actually quite pleasant and I feel closer to her!She was sick at work and she's one of the great humans, she's such a trooper, her work ethic is incredible. “But on the other hand, this is the kind of thing that can’t go on forever.

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It was a natural direction that I certainly never considered for the show when we first started – it just grew.

Tunney: Fans of TV shows are so committed to the characters and to the story.

Sometimes you work hard, sometimes you're not feeling so great, you're at work, and I was mid-conversation with her and it was incredible charming and I've never seen anyone do it - in mid-sentence, she threw up and I had to (swerve), it was like The Matrix.

One of my favorite moments on the The Mentalist was when we did an episode we shot at a casino in Los Angeles.

As far as I can tell, people were quite happy with it moving snail-like and not overtly sexual immediately – that they stuck with us is amazing. You know what these people’s lives are going to be like and there are surprises.

People often don’t want the characters that they love to change and seeing them in a different light can throw people off. .) It’s meant to be a happy ending and this story deserved a happy ending. It’s our best version of a romantic comedy with some crime thrown in. There’s nothing more frustrating than being committed to something for seven years and they don’t give you definitive endings.We get to end on a high note and the fans still want more – what a way to go out.Bruno Heller: The heart and soul of the show that was on the screen and offstage was Robin.It was both a farewell party and a tough scene to shoot. You don’t come out for the encore and do death metal or dark stuff.It was a thank you to the audience and a recognition that the romance between Jane and Lisbon that organically grew out of the relationship between Robin and Simon.There’s a bit of sadness, sort of like, OK, what do you do now? It was saying goodbye to a meaningful period of your life.