She goes totally overboard, with heart-shaped balloons, rose petals, too many candles to count, and the perfect outfit for her perfect day. She calls her boyfriend, and we see a call go unanswered in a plastic surgeon’s office.

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But as soon as Hoon-dong steps inside, his eyes dart around the room as the warning signals blare like neon lights: balloons, cake, candles… He starts to sweat bullets, and she lays down obvious hints about how she wants to be together all the time.

Her words flash across the screen in happy pastel colors, only to be heard by Hoon-dong like a slo-mo horror death-knell.

The guard asks his relationship to the person, and we cut back to Jang-mi: “I said to that bastard…” The man declares to the guard: “She’s the person I’m going to marry.” Jang-mi: “…Let’s get married.” As she says it, the man busts into the courtroom, and her eyes grow wide.

Rewind to the fairly recent past, as our heroine Jang-mi flits her way through preparations for the proposal she’s planning to spring on her boyfriend tonight.

I was planning to just weigh in on the show once in a while when I had the time, but Lolly Pip has graciously offered to tag-team the recaps with me, so that tipped the scales. ) We’re hard at work, so please be patient—we’ll be caught up in no time. As a man runs down the street and races up the steps to the courthouse, she lets out a laugh that grows crazed, and then she finally speaks: “I’m a crazy bitch.

EPISODE 1: “The polite way to break up” In a courtroom, a judge calls JOO JANG-MI (Han Groo) to the stand. I must’ve been insane…” The man gets stuck getting through security, and he tells the guard he has to testify for someone.Ho-Jung es una chica guapa e inocente que siempre se enamora de la persona equivocada.Ho-Jung y Kyu-In, su vecino, son idealistas con el amor. La amiga de Ho-Jung, Cha Hee le gusta Kyu-In y Ho-Jung también se da cuenta de que tiene sentimientos por él.Hoon-dong swears he will, which I find hard to believe. After a few days of no contact, Hoon-dong is sure Jang-mi will have gotten the hint, and for good measure, he changes his online status to: “Because it changes…it’s love.” But Jang-mi is nowhere near his passive-aggressive hint, and wonders when to propose next, deciding that this time they’ll go to an island so that no one can interrupt.Jang-mi is a sales associate at a high-end department store, and she spends her whole shift calling Hoon-dong repeatedly.