In that way, the total expenditure or financial liability is known upfront, and you are put in complete control of the limits to such.You could knowingly or inadvertently cede control in that regard, where automatic recharge by electronic transaction upon the service account's credit balance falling below a set threshold is offered as an option, and you give standing authorisation for such.It is an option that would need very careful consideration, given the ramifications for current SMS vendors and for schools.

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Those of you who attended the workshop will remember 2 of the key problems put forward for discussion were as follows: This is the current model in the compulsory school sector.

There are currently 5 dominant SMS products used by 97% of schools.

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The relationship is between an individual school and an SMS vendor and SMS data is not standardised.

This lack of standardisation means that SMS data, good practice and IT solutions developed within schools cannot be effectively shared across the sector.

In this model the Ministry would have a stewardship role, the sector a governance role, schools would continue to have a relationship with their chosen SMS vendor and SMS vendors would continue to provide value-added services to schools.

Option 3 would address the key problems and retain value-added services for schools.

Chargeable usage typically excludes such things as receiving and remaining connected on incoming calls (when not roaming), receiving SMS messages, initiating calls to emergency numbers such as 000 and 112, and initiating calls to self-service facilities operated by the service provider.