The CDE prototype direct certification notification letter is available on the SNP Eligibility Materials Web page.

California has state laws that protect and govern free and reduced-price meal applications, and these state laws are more restrictive than the applicable federal regulations.

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Private schools may implement DC by using a local data match with their county’s Department of Social or Welfare Services.

Private schools, public school districts, charter schools, and COEs (sponsors) may establish a local agreement with the county Department of Social or Welfare Services to match enrolled students against those children receiving Cal Fresh (and Cal WORKs) benefits.

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Instructions on how to implement DC using the CALPADS are available on this page at State Level Data Matching through the CALPADS.

If a sponsor directly certifies a student as eligible for free meals, the sponsor must send an eligibility notification to the student’s household.In the CNIPS Sponsor Application, number A38, select state-level data match if you are using the CALPADS to directly certify students; otherwise, select “other method” (e.g., county Department of Social Services or Welfare list).If you have any questions, please contact the School Nutrition Programs Unit by phone at 916-322-3005, 916-322-1450, or 800-952-5609, Option 2, to be directed to your SNP Specialist.These sponsors may use the Direct Certification Implementation Checklist (DOC) to help them implement DC through an agreement with the county Department of Social or Welfare Services.Please see the Cal FRESH County Contacts for Direct Certification to obtain local welfare or social service office contacts to verify Cal Fresh participation.This Section does not prohibit districts from sharing meal eligibility information to ensure that individual students continue to receive school meals when moving from one school district to another, either at the beginning of or during the school year.