Besides the extra ()4K of memory, llie new CM 28 fea- tures CP/M mode, enhanced Basic 7.0, additional function keys, a numeric keypad and other features thai make this machine a user's delight.

Owners of the CM 28 also share (in C-()4 mode) the C-()4's outstanding software ! In this issue, the editorial staff has assembled articles that speak lo the interests of both C-()4 and CM28 users. 2 " , "COL 3 " am PRINT to ,20 , -30 When you make a typing mistake, use the delete key to erase it or hit the return key and retype the line.

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With this com- puter, Commodore targets a whole new audience of coin- pitter users, while still afithessing the concerns of htya!

C-6'1 users by making the machine 100% C-()4 com])alible.

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