This news comes about 2 months after Soyeon and longtime boyfriend Oh Jung Hyuk confirmed their breakup after 6 years together.

Actors Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo have become another celebrity couple whose romance on TV became a reality.

We’d have to ask her." The label further stated it would make an official statement after speaking with the T-ara member herself.

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She was featured on the sports variety show Invincible Baseball.

In 2010, Soyeon was rushed to the hospital after complaints of not feeling well while filming for her cameo role in Master of Study.

She has officially changed her name to Park So-yeon.

Soyeon has studied at the prestigious Anyang High School of Arts, located in Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea.

In 2011, she was a fixed cast member for KBS's variety show 100 Points Out Of 100.

Soyeon participated in the musical adaption of T-ara's hit song "Roly-Poly", which opened on January 13, 2012, at the Sungnam Arts Center.Who would've though she would pull a fast one with her recent announcement on Weibo that she and fellow actor-director Stephen Fung tied the knot. In 2005, she took part and was awarded the Gold Award (1st place) for the CMB Chin Chin Singing Competition.var _rnb = $('#sub AD_side'); //_rnb.css("background","#000").css('opacity','0.1'); var main Bnr Height = $('#main Bnr').is(":visible")? A big congrats and a bigger thank you to him for giving fans a chance to see F4 members Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu reunited again, bringing about such a fond sense of nostalgia for the Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers.She was then diagnosed with H1N1 while T-ara was still promoting the follow-up track "Like the First Time" off of their first full-length album, Absolute First Album.