This time, however, she seemed to make a connection.

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The two camps were divided by a row of kid-sized barber chairs built to look like race cars and off-road vehicles.

"Sort of like being at an eighth-grade dance, isn't it?

► "The only thing I ask of a sitter is that you put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher," said Kim Mierson, a mother of a toddler.

After several rounds, Schaefer thought maybe she had found a good fit. " she asked her daughter, who until now had seemed far more interested in the snacks than the baby sitters.

People love these and i believe its good to meet him in real life.

Heck, you can take out the person who is willing and able and asked me to marry her but we dont have to peel."I thought, you meet a series of baby sitters for just a couple minutes?Well, there might be a good connection with your family like there was with us. So the three of them had come to Little Locks, a combination toy store and children's hair salon in a tony section of San Diego where busy, two-income families live in large homes perched atop rolling hills.When Victoria Muschek started the for-profit service she didn't know speed dating from speed dialing.But as the parent of a toddler, a 5-year-old and an 8-year-old, Muschek, who teaches advertising at San Diego State University, knew well the hassles of finding a good baby sitter. "Then I walked into my class and l looked out and saw so many potential baby sitters and I had that 'Ah ha!"But it's kind of a strange way to find someone, in the space of three minutes, who will care for your children." To put people at ease, Muschek has organized Sitter Socials meetings more like parties, providing snacks, door prizes and providing time after the initial speed meeting interviews where parents can talk further with the sitters they like, negotiate price and maybe strike a deal.