Love for Sports, a sports-minded dating and networking utility app for fans of any sport or team, officially launched in the i Tunes App Store this week.

Love for Sports gives fans the tools to connect and join events while sharing their passion for their favorite teams.

“Discovering that sports fans were unrepresented in the world of dating apps was surprising,” said William Griffin, co-founder of Love for Sports, LLC.

“Being avid sports fans ourselves, our goal is to create a resource for fans to come together and find the person they're looking for, with organized sports as the common connection.” By merging sports, social, and geolocation, fans can connect with people and invite them to join fan-based teams.

The app is currently live in the i Tunes store and available to download for free.

For more information, visit Based in Houston, Texas, Love for Sports was founded by William Griffin and Jeff Blevins in 2015.

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