Musixmatch has been voted among the best lyrics application with millions of lyrics instantly available on the go.Now when these two great creations would work together, you cannot wish for less or fail to enjoy your music.Not just that, the "NOW" would sync the music to your moods. Video streaming and news updates With the latest update, you will be able to watch views and shows on your device, follow subscribed channels and watch them offline when you need.

The improved friends section is a surprise, just scroll down to know about your friends favourite.

You can follow what they follow, listen to their playlist and much more.

This uses the sensors of your device to keep track of your movement when you are exercise and then sync and organise music tracks, change tempo of the music in rhythm with your speed boosting your mood and causing adrenaline rush, boosting your stamina.

This is a perfect companion for your jog and exercise schedule.

Then, on the app page, scroll all the way to the bottom and select version history.

Since its launch in 2008 Spotify has been a great success.Compared with the leading music streaming applications like Pandora and Grooveshark, this digital music platform has been evolving steadily.With Spotify, you can listen to free music on a click, organise and manage your playlists and enjoy them at leisure. I've been using Spotify for some months now and this has never happened before.Everything else seems to be working fine and I can even send and receive songs, the problem is only the activity feed.The interface is so friendly that you won't feel any hurdles to navigate through the application.