If true, SELECT result from CACHE where Hash='hashed Sorted Query', else, (actual query).

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This isn't an indictment of SQLite itself -- any other relational embedded DB would pose the same challenges.

SQLite DBs are simply too complex to be used for relatively simple data storage needs.

I am not able to keep up with even 5000 inserts/sec. My connection string is as below: If you are doing lots of inserts or updates at once, put them in a transaction.

Also, if you are executing essentially the same SQL each time, use a parameterized statement.

SQLite always locks the whole database for writes so only one write transaction can be processed at a time. This latest version of Berkley DB includes a SQLite front end that has a page-level locking mechanism instead of database level.

This provides much higher numbers of transactions per second when there is a high concurrency requirement. NET provider and is supposed to be a drop-in replacement.

It's very tempting to take the abstractions it offers at face value and to ignore the complexity happening under the hood.

As a result, we have repeatedly seen SQLite become a source of performance problems.

I am running a web application with a backend SQLite database that solely performs read operations. After posting the above question, I found one simple solution that seems effective that doesn't require any changes to the CPanel hosting service that I use.