On April 26th we talked to second generation voters Farrah Khan, Devyani Saltzman and Hanoz Kapadia.

Showdown In The Suburbs Part One: Matt Galloway spoke about the so-called "ethnic" vote" in the 905 area with Baldev Mutta, Sudha Berry, Tariq Amin-Khan, Gloria Fung and Neethan Shan.

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Listen (runs ) The Economy: For many immigrants, the economy affects whether they can find full-time jobs that reflect their level of international education, experience and expertise.

Sudha Berry is a lawyer who has lived and worked in three countries - India, Canada and Britain.

Politicians are pulling out all the stops in an attempt to win over the so-called "ethnic" vote.

The Liberals are fighting to maintain the support of immigrants, voters who - since the days of Pierre Trudeau - have traditionally sided with them.

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Here at Metro Morning, we tried to convene a debate with a panel of candidates from ridings in the 905 to talk about this strategy of targeting specific cultural communities.

We weren't able to get a commitment from a Conservative candidate.

Instead, we convened two panels of community leaders to get their views on the campaign for the 905 vote.