To use some Reddit lingo, "the feelz" (that means "the feelings," i.e.

Alicia Guastaferro, the insufferable teen beauty queen who appeared on the ABC reality TV show "Wife Swap," has been arrested and charged with prostitution.

(Also, these guys are greedy fuckers: if you were the only person in the world in possession of JLaw nudes, would you really give them out??? These guys conduct individual attacks on celebs through (I presume) a mix of social engineering and (especially for high-profile targets) straight up hacking. The circle hardly ever widens to include more people — very few people even find out about the ring, and fewer still have the n00ds to buy in with, except for the self-styled "rich kid" in the original /b/ thread.

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The messages suggest the hacker in question (who uses a pseudonym throughout) had been looking/hoping to bolster his celebrity photo collection with additional, but not-so-famous sexy pics, and perhaps use the new nudes in turn in trades.

It's a little like when you had to swap your way to a complete collection in your Disney princess sticker album as a kid, because no matter how many packets you bought, you never got a Pocahontas sticker ...

State police said a concerned motorist contacted police after he saw Doyle drive erratically before stopping at the travel plaza. "I've been accused of allegations that are lurid, salacious and demonstrably false," Doyle said. Asked by YNN about the allegations of prostitution, the attorney said, "That's absolutely false. There was absolutely nothing of a sexual nature with respect to our encounter, whatsoever, at all." Guastaferro did not respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

When state troopers arrived on the scene the observed Doyle's car illegally parked, with the engine running and the lights on.

In an interview with the site, he denied all charges, but speculation remains a-swirlin'.

Apple have also said they are "actively investigating" the widely reported assumption that a flaw in its i Cloud network's security gave hackers access to celebrities' accounts.The pampered princess, whose upstate New York family celebrated Christmas every day of the year, was arrested Monday in the company of a 54-year-old attorney, according to police.Authorities charged Guastaferro, 20, of Williamsville, with criminal impersonation, prostitution, and possession of a controlled substance.It also explains the other 4chan posters jumping in the fray yesterday to offer photos of their own in exchange for payment.One of these posters was later identified by Buzz Feed as a hacker, if not hacker.That's a hivemind mentality at work, but also one that's fiercely competitive and selfish too.