Toronto has contributed an impressive number of artists who have impacted the international dance music scene.

As a native, what do you think it is about the scene in Toronto that has helped cultivate DJs and producers? We don't really look to outside of it for validation and I think that is what makes it a very strong music scene.

She even has her own radio show in syndication on FM stations.

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The buzz on their killer weekly party “Black Sunday” raised tons of eyebrows with their somewhat untraditional party themes.

Stop motion photography captured weekly cinematic “murders” that immortalized the group’s social profile and gave Obi a break into a niche group of local nightlife celebrity.

I have recently moved home and I appreciate it more than ever now.

It looks like you've lived all across North America, how have you been able to grow and progress as an artist by living in Miami and Los Angeles?

In line with his stance, he has now kicked off his 2017 BBC Radio 1 Residency with a debut mix that is filled with underground dance tracks, spanning genres that include progressive house and techno.

There is no denying that Joel Zimmerman as an artist has always preferred to steer clear of the mainstream side of dance music, despite his widely popular progressive signature tracks landing him coveted headlining slots at some of the world’s most popular EDM festivals.

As EDM blew up in the States (and the rest of the world) Joel has continuously taken a stance against what he has perceived as sell-out artists playing recycled music for a quick buck.

Instead, he has continued to stay true to his roots, while recently perhaps digging deeper than ever with on-stage collaborations with Richie Hawtin and Eric Prydz, as well as solo performances filled with house and techno sounds.

Last week deadmau5 made news when his New Year’s Eve set at Decadence NYE in Arizona became subject of attack by fans of EDM artist Marshmello, who took the stage after him to perform the headlining set of the night. According to Marshmello fans the Canadian producer had played a boring set, a perhaps expected and uneducated conclusion from EDM fans who found themselves listening to house and techno tracks by Maceo Plex and Jay Lumen, amongst others.