We often had to do without essential items, and I developed a real fear of being in debt.At times, this fear makes me unreasonable with my wife about money matters.” Whatever the reason for the tension, what can you do to make your money work for your marriage, not against it? But it does contain practical wisdom that can help a couple to avoid money problems.Why, though, does money cause so many problems in a marriage?

Even so, wisdom dictates that you learn to discuss this important subject.

For example, why not describe to your spouse how you think you might have been affected by your parents’ attitude toward money?

“Money is for a protection,” acknowledges the Bible.

(Ecclesiastes ) But money will protect your marriage and family only if you learn not just how to control it but also how to talk to your spouse about it.* In fact, rather than being contentious, discussions about money matters can actually strengthen the bond between marriage mates.

Why there are no strict laws that deal with women at fault, with equal punishment given to men, when they abuse women? Woman beats mother-in-law black and blue, exposed]The recent bone-chilling video of a daughter-in-law brutally beating her bed-ridden mother-in-law went viral on social media and it once again brought to the fore the fact that how Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code is blatantly misused by some mischievous women.

['Men are not ATM machines for their ex-wives']Misuse of dowry laws is not a recent phenomenon and the judiciary of India is totally responsible for the growing misuse of dowry law and the result is abuse of innocent men in the process.

In the present scenario, many people profess about the importance of gender equality and these days no doubt, women are seen successfully competing with men at corporate levels, in politics and at various platforms.

Then, why are men's plight ignored when they are harassed by some notorious women?

Also, try to understand how your mate’s background has influenced his or her attitude.

You do not have to wait until a problem arises before you talk about money.

But if you discuss larger purchases, you prove that you value your mate’s opinion.