I only know two couples with a large age gap very well.

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How much does it matter if the woman is older as opposed to the man?

Did things change after the younger person reached a certain age?

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This is for the people who are in or have been in relationships with someone at least 10 years younger or older.

We eventually broke up and one of the reasons he gave for not wanting to continue was that "at his age" he isn't sure if he wanted to be in a relationship again (yet at the same time his lack of a woman in his life is what he complains about the most).

I think sometimes it really wasn't his age so much as he was emotionally broken or chronically depressed.

I have recently learned that according to relationship psychologist John Gottman, the definition of a successful marriage, is one that does not end in divorce.

So, these people can be miserable, but as long as they stay together, it is considered a successful marriage.

The age gap was always present in both relationships, but we had a lot in common otherwise.