– Use the toilet facilities Jakarta Airport was recently judged to have the second best airport toilets in the country.

So, chances are they are nicer in Jakarta than at your destination. – Get a free “tour” of the airport on the yellow inter-terminal bus If you have little else to do, this passes the time in relative comfort.

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– Get some local currency Some more remote destinations rarely accept credit cards and have few ATMs.

As foreign banks charge per transaction, it is usually recommended to take the maximum amount: Rp1 250 000 ($US135) for ATMs that dispense Rp50 000 notes; Rp2 500 000 ($US270) for ATMs that dispense Rp100 000 notes.

Jakarta, a city with a very dynamic outlook, is also the capital of Indonesia – a country made up of 17 thousand islands and a population of 230 million.

Within this diverse island country- in terms of religion, language/dialect, and ethnicity-Jakarta stands out as an intersection of all those aspects.

The Terminal will be totally complete in March 2017 in tandem with the operation of the connecting trains and automatic people movers from Station 1 – Airport Railway Station –Terminal 2 – Terminal 3.

On the run-up to opening day , Garuda Indonesia will undertake daily simulations to prepare for the big transition to ensure that no glitches will occur on opening day.Nonetheless, 3 back up mitigation plans have been prepared for any eventualities.Some visitors are therefore choosing to spend the night at Jakarta Airport.The city is the busiest cultural spot of interest in Indonesia as it has numerous museums, galleries, monuments, and theme parks.If you’ve checked out the Jakarta weather forecast before leaving and have put summer clothes on, don’t let the clouds you see as the plane descends to land worry you because it really is very hot. You’ll encounter classic Indonesian architecture the minute you leave the airport.While ATMs can be found throughout the airport, the greatest concentration can be found in the Departures area (upstairs) in Terminal 2.