Some types of erotophobia include fear of nudity, fear of sexual images, homophobia, fear of sex education, fear of sexual discourse.As a clinical phobia, 'erotophobia' describes an irrational and potentially debilitating fear of some object, person or act that is related to sex.Research on this personality dimension has shown a correlation between high erotophobia scores and a less consistent use of contraception and a lack of knowledge about human sexuality.

Erotophobia can also, for others, be very specific to love making with another person and not be related to any of these other social anxiety disorders.

In the case of specific erotophobia, only the fear of something related to sex would be present without any other fears or syndromes.

Katie Lee appears in a revealing spread in Social Life Magazine, but, “At the beginning of the shoot, I was actually terrified,” said the raven-haired foodie and Billy Joel ex.

“I usually do photo shoots wearing casual clothes and holding a cooking spoon,” she said.

According to multiple outlets, the couple have been dating for some time.

In fact, last summer, photos had emerged of Jamie and Katie holding hands together, which instantly had the internet speculating whether the twosome were hooking up.

Since then, they have worked extra hard to keep their love out of the public eye.” As the insider already mentions, after the photos emerged last year, Katie Holmes and Jamie both decided that shying away from any sort of behavior that could lead to more speculation would be best for both of them.

In the end, Katie knew that her romance with Jamie would eventually come out, so there really wasn’t a way for her to keep this relationship in the dark any longer.

That’s the premise of her new film, “Equals,” which is about a futuristic society where humans have been stripped of feelings because they cause too much physical and mental anguish.

But now, at 26, Stewart is repelled by the idea of withholding emotion.

In psychological studies, the term is often used to describe degree of (general) sexual aversion versus (general) interest in sex.