Thai women represent 70% of the higher educated people in Thailand.

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Many Thai women who divorced their Thai husband say they felt like they had to do all the family work on their own.

Another common story is that the man went with many other women or left his wife when she was pregnant.

Wearing short clothing, walking hand in hand and kissing in public are considered inappropriate or low class.

If your girlfriend does not seem to care and shows this behavior you may have a reason of concern about her background.

The Thai women mentioned above obviously consist of only a small share of the women in Thailand.

Apart from the tourism and the sex industry, Thai women are actually the opposite of the bargirls.

Most Western men who meet a Thai woman will meet her during a holiday in a tourist area.

It are especially the tourist areas that attract thousands of Thai women who are going with a Western man for financial reasons, most often to provide money for their family.

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Traditional Thai women are also brought up with the intention of having only one single partner in life.