's new global dating poll clears up this and many other questions.

One of my first jobs in my new role was to work with the magazine's global editorial team, to create a worldwide dating survey and then analyse all the answers we got back.

Over 11,000 people worldwide responded to the Time Out Global Dating Survey.

The next day I met one of them for brunch and ended up dating him for around four months.

Although it didn’t work out in the long run, 4 years on, we’re still great friends.

It goes one of three ways – instant attraction, a total turn off, or someone that you’re prepared to get to know.

When meeting someone in person, you don’t need to worry about this.

There will be alcohol induced moments when I’m two taps away from re-downloading Tinder.

But in order to make this work I need to embrace the opportunity. There’s a huge world out there with loads of people who are all ready for conversation.

Sure, there have been dates and even some second dates, but I’ve just had enough. I had been chatting () with a guy on happn for over a week and we’d taken it to the next step – aka Whats App. He was lovely, but there was absolutely no attraction. A perma-smile, with the odd hair touch, nodding head and punctuated by some well-placed laughter. Did this mean they had liked me and were they waiting for me to reciprocate?