As such, making love to her mind isn’t an option, it’s a requisite!

An Aquarius woman NEEDS a man who can keep up with her intellectually.

Looking for a woman who is truly “out of this world”?

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Some women are very interested to know details concerning all about Aquarius men.

This is because in choosing the best partner in life, some people rely on their judgment with the zodiac sign they have.

Men who are born in between the later days of January and almost mid days of February do not want a jealous woman.

A relationship with trust and confidence would surely not last and Aquarius men put an emphasis on that matter.

They believe that personalities would match depending on what the stars would tell about the person they want to date.

They are not particular with the symbols, but the attitudes and traits that come with those zodiacal icons.

But for a warm-hearted, confident man who loves a challenge, the Aquarius woman is the ultimate dream girl.

Here’s what you need to know about wooing the water-bearer:1. Hands-down the biggest “smarty at the [zodiac] party”, the Aquarius female is known for her superior intellect.

They want a lady that is intellectually competitive that could carry out conversations with high level of versatility.

This is because despite the differences they had, with a witty and smart woman to date, many topics could arise that would be the start of their romantic conversations.

However, despite the great efforts of women, the decision and preference of Aquarius men matter most.