We ended up talking that weekend she had her business trip and when I brought it up, the arguements began. I started another conversation with a different young lady from a different part of China and I could see the same pattern developing.

Like the gentlemen before, I started asking for photographs and I did get a few pictures.

The more translations they do, the more money they make.

So often I would receive 2 letters from a woman on the same day.

Okay, she suddenly has a business trip and can’t meet you when you tell her you’re flying to see her in a few weeks.

It’s still possible that all her excuses are true and she’s the real deal, right?

If you’re already a member of a Chinese matchmaking site and you suddenly feel suspicious, just type the name of the site plus the word “scam” on Google to find out for sure.

Information about these fraudulent sites is out there; just take time to look for them and to read them.

Many of the facts that were given to me were blatantly false such as number of children, parents alive or deceased, type of work, etc.

Once I decided to meet this woman, she was contacted by the translator and told that she could have my letters if she paid a fee equivalent to ,000 USD. I did not find out about this until I met the women.” Story #3 “After loging on to Asian Beauties & receiving numerious letters, I selected one young lady from Shenyang and started writing letters.

There are many real and beautiful Chinese women on reputable matchmaking sites who are also searching for love and a foreign partner online; you just have to use the right head when doing your search.