Over 5,000 active users at Life Sciences companies in the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe trust SOLABS QM to handle over 2,000 transactions daily.

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Our goals with this project are to simplify the review, tracking and closure of Complaints, harmonize our Quality process with users throughout the world, and provide executive decision support reporting.

We have worked closely with the experienced and knowledgeable team at SOLABS to automate our own vision of a world class Complaints tracking and reporting solution.” “The implementation of this software has allowed us to expand on lean initiatives within our organization by consolidating multiple extensive processes into one easy-to-use, GMP compliant system.

Proven reliability of our products since 1942 and exceeding the most stringent requirements is why ADB stands alone as the world’s foremost hoist ring and safety lifting products provider. ADB is not responsible for inaccuracies within specific dimension charts, due to potential electronic data transferences beyond the control of the company.

It is the mission of every employee in the ADB family to: Provide Innovative and Safe Products on Time ADB is the leader in Hoist Rings and offers other lifting solutions for the manufacturing, construction, concrete, trenching, and precast industries.

“Gigya offers an elegant solution to address a fundamental marketing need: turning unknown visitors into known customers,” said Mark Zablan, president, Adobe EMEA.

“Understanding your audience is so critical, that we recently partnered with Gigya to facilitate customer authentication and identification for a new over-the-top (OTT) streaming offering called Adobe Primetime OTT.” “We’re incredibly proud to be listed as 2015 Adobe Marketing Cloud Innovation Partner of the Year EMEA,” comments Patrick Salyer, CEO, Gigya.

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SOLABS solution is easy to deploy and interface with our current systems.

Utmost, by its web-based approach we will have a real time access to data and information from our 3 sites.” “After reviewing qualified vendors, Hoya chose SOLABS as a partner to automate the management of Complaints for Quality Operations on a World-wide basis.

ADB lifting products are made from high-strength alloy steel.