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Having opted to pursue entrepreneurial interests after the sale of AHC, in 2004, Thilan chose to partner with MJF Group, makers of Dilmah Tea, among top 5 global brands of tea, to set up a chain of exclusive resort hotels in Sri Lanka.

He then founded Sri Lanka's first hotel management company specialising in managing small luxury resorts and spas and co-founded Ceylon Tea Trails, now widely regarded as Sri Lanka's most successful boutique hotel, having won Tripadvisor awards for "Best All-inclusive Hotel (World)" category for 2009, 20.

In January 1992, he pursued his entrepreneurial interests by co-founding Asia Capital Ltd, which became Sri Lanka's largest investment bank.

During his tenure, Asia Capital grew from its initial investment of US,000 into a company with a market capitalisation of US Million by August 1994, ranking among the top 10 companies listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange.Upon returning to Sri Lanka in 1985 after the completion of his studies in the United States, Thilan functioned as Senior Management Consultant specialising in strategy and market research consulting at Price Waterhouse Coopers, Colombo.He then joined as Head of Corporate Planning at Sampath Bank in 1989.The internet is a wild place with many unseen dangers and many institutions monitoring online movements.What you do on the internet is your business stay anonymous with Free Proxy to disguise your IP and location. View full description The internet is a wild place with many unseen dangers and many institutions monitoring online movements.This is a great option to screen out out unwanted filth that you might pick up on the internet travels.