She also shared some tender moments from her experience with Five Arts Centre’s shows and how they influenced her and her career.

Furthermore, with Five Arts Centre being one of the strongest pillars of Malaysian performing arts, this book is also a historical record of three decades of the best in the scene.

Launched last Saturday in a simple event attended by the who’s who of Malaysian performing arts, the book is the last piece in Five Arts Centre’s year-long ten Ten TEN celebration, honouring their 30 years as the shining beacon in the scene.

This is true as with any play or movie, writers rarely get any credit unless the show does badly. She listed everyone’s contribution from the selection of the plays to correcting the timeline as well as some novel ideas.

“I would also like to thank the producer of the book — June Tan. “Marion [D’Cruz] wanted it to be a pop-up book,” said Rowland, to the laughter of the audience.

Approximately thirty-five participants, mostly established Malaysian organic farmers, attended the course, including participants from Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand. Alan Yong and Mr Wong, three successful Agnihotra/Homa Therapy teaching tours have taken place in Malaysia, with public talks organized in most major cities and visits to various organic farms.

I was invited for a Homa tour in Malaysia by the volunteers Mr. Alan Yong, which has proven a wonderful success in spreading the message of the healing Homa fires. Tee Liang Wong shares this wonderful report: The chinese magazine "Long Life" (published in Malaysia) shows a several page report about Homa Therapy.

The day before, we had gone to have a look at the Pulitzer Corner in MPH Mid Valley where the launch was to take place.

We noticed a screen by the side of the stage and immediately came up with the idea to have a powerpoint presentation that would run by itself.

Throughout the three decades, Five Arts Centre had held discourses, workshops and, most importantly, staged original works.

Without these plays, you could say that Malaysia’s performing arts would lose a huge chunk of its core.

Previously, the ten Ten TEN programme saw “Unfinished Business: Conference on Krishen Jit’s Performance Practice and Contemporary Malaysian Theatre”, “Cakap Dapur: R&D Stories”, “Baling (membaling)” and “Cheras, The Musical! All of these were performed in the capital with “Cakap Dapur” also staged in Penang and “Baling” by Mark Teh taken to Gwangju, South Korea.