When the server confirms or doesnt confirm the existence of this address, the program cancels message sending and finishes the session correctly.So, address verification is technically correct and cannot be noticed by the address owner.Now Actual Contacts for Outlook has the full functionality of Contacts Verifier add-in which was earlier offered as a separate tool for Outlook.

This is one of the few times i really enjoyed using an outlook plug-in, and probably one of the best plug-ins ever made for outlook.

I have a huge list of contacts and a lot of them were outdated and missing big chunks of info, by using Actual Contacts it was a very painless process for me and my contacts to update the info.

To update all email addresses of your contacts for that company, you can export your Contacts to a csv-file and use the Replace feature in Notepad or Excel or quickly update all affected contacts.

You can find more details about that method in the guide: Search and Replace for Contact fields.

As an alternative, you could also drag the group header of the old address and drop that on the group header of the new address to update all the contacts in that group.

You can of course repeat the above process if you want to update any other field as well.

If you want a more direct or advanced approach within Outlook itself, then you can also use a Search and Replace add-in.

For instance, Global Search and Replace by Sperry Software not only offers basic Search and Replace functionality but also allows you to select which fields to search in, use wildcards, use regular expressions and also supports Tasks and Calendar folders.

Or even worse; Do you want to change the address for every contact when the company relocates? The following method describes an easy way to update general information for contacts that are sharing the same details in one or more Contact field.