I kind of hope not because mine is not current with "new" roads.

Got another call from VA today who hooked me up with a local service advisor.

The procedure is to make an appt to see if the Chevy dealer can update the map and, if not, they say they will order me the DVD.

I am well aware that the GM Nav system is inferior to portable units.

I just want to keep my vehicle's system up to date with the latest map.

Just because you have the CURRENT update doesn't mean it will display "new roads".

Based on my experience with DVD based Nav syatems the data is usually 12 to 18 months old and even then many new secondary roads/streets never get accounted for.I would hope the maps get better, even though inferior, with each new version.No one has updated the Nav maps in the 2011 or 2012 model year?I have called a Volt Advisor twice now (got the same guy 2 days in a row), searched the web and this forum trying to correlate the nav map version in my 2012 (201103) with the one available for purchase on the GM Navigation Disc order page (2012 Global A High Nav Disc Part# 22827639 9.99). I would think that my vehicle, having been built in early May, would have the 2012 version of the maps.Does anyone know how to translate the version of the disc to the version displayed on the Volt config screen?Also companies like Garmin get their map data from a variety of sources.