This information is given to you as a reference to confirm you are installing the correct type of RAM.

Unfortunately, even if your PC’s motherboard supports the E7400 processor, the 266MHz FSB speed will present a different sort of problem.

Dell probably shipped your PC with DDR2-800 memory, which supports a maximum clock speed of 200MHz, not 266MHz.

The 32-bit version of XP will never be able to take full advantage of it.

Even if you were to get it to work correctly, it's doubtful you would see any improvement in performance.

The beeping indicates that you either bought incompatible RAM or you didn't have it fully seated in the RAM slots.

Does the new memory match the old memory specs exactly?

Motherboard manufacturers usually add support for newer processors as part of BIOS updates, and the BIOS numbers you provided suggest that you have an early BIOS version.

That is why you should always check to find out if a new motherboard supports the make/model of processor that you want to install without having to install a BIOS update, because you will have to use a processor that the mother supports in order to install the BIOS update that supports later processors.

Hello, Trying to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 530 from 3 gb (2 1gb ram and 2 512mb ram sticks) to 4 gb (4 1gb ram sticks) but when I do- I get 4 beeps and max fan output with nothing else on the screen.