Windows 98 had its own separately purchasable Plus! Windows menus and tooltips now support slide animation.

Do it and prepare to get some error messages we'll need to deal with.

It stopped after XP SP2 and the switch was, if I remember correctly, /GS.

This is why I suggested OSR2 before, and I would also do sequential installations - IE4.01 SP2 Desktop Update, then IE5.5 SP2, then attempt to install a modified IE6.

Using the most updated version of 95 possible may reduce the chances of error.

Another feature of this new shell is that dialog boxes now show up in the Alt-Tab sequence.

Windows 98 also integrates shell enhancements, themes and other features from Microsoft Plus!

Besides Internet Explorer, many other Internet companion applications are included such as Outlook Express, Windows Address Book, Front Page Express, Microsoft Chat, Personal Web Server and a Web Publishing Wizard, Net Meeting and Net Show Player (which was replaced by Windows Media Player 6.2 in Windows 98 Second Edition).

The Windows 98 shell integrates all of the enhancements from Windows Desktop Update, an Internet Explorer 4 component, such as the Quick Launch toolbar, deskbands, Active Desktop, Channels, ability to minimize foreground windows by clicking their button on the taskbar, single click launching, Back and Forward navigation buttons, favorites, and address bar in Windows Explorer, image thumbnails, folder infotips and web view in folders, and folder customization through HTML-based templates.

But be careful, it will only work if your offline installation source is full. For example, if you enable Uniscribe and have no USP10. However, I still find this to be quite interesting for those who are heavily interested in the Windows 9x line, since we need more of those topics in my opinion (just as with topics relating to other operating systems and versions). I doubt that there are very many "real incompatibilities" between IE6 and 95.

CAB, the Active Setup will try to download it from the internet, and fail, terminating the installation proces prematurily. Create the directory \IE5 with your MSIE5 offline installation files6. Probably many of the problems are "false incompatibilities" introduced on purpose by Microsoft.

for Windows 95 such as Drive Space 3, Compression Agent, Dial-Up Networking Server, Dial-Up Scripting Tool and Task Scheduler.