Turn off i Cloud Music Library and i Tunes Match on i Phone: Tap Setting Click "OK". (For sync error 54) Read guide to fix i Tunes sync error (-54). As we know, i Tunes can’t sync data back to i Tunes library.

updating itunes library frozen-81

the way I organize them in folders (and subfolders) is not what the program does.

By the way, I really care of my personal data: pictures, documents, ebook, music...

If you're asking some sort of different question, maybe you should make that question clear. That wont work when I use Google Music Manager and have my cloud music sync to my hard drive. As others have mentioned, I don't know that you can get i Tunes to automatically track changes, but here's one possible work-around.

I keep my music on an external hard drive, and whenever I add new music to it, I go to File - Advanced) unchecked the "Keep i Tunes Media folder organized" and "Copy files to i Tunes...".

Then, I selected all songs in i Tunes and deleted them (they didn't delete off of my original library location).

I then changed my library location back to where my music is located.

"After updating to i OS 9.3.5, i Tunes cannot sync music/photos to my i Phone 6, even if I downloaded and installed the latest i Tunes 12.5.2 on my pc and recently updated to the new i OS 10.1" – One i Phone 6 plus user complained on Apple forum about i Tunes sync problem in i OS 9/10.1. So if you want to sync i Phone to i Tunes, you have to use some i Tunes alternatives.

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If i Tunes had to scan the filesystem for changes every time it ran, the program could potentially slow to a crawl.