Last/Final version (QFE3) was released May 12, 2010 (c.f. QFE3 is the last planned update for Windows Live Essentials 2009 (Wave 3) 3. Support for the 2009 version will continue for the ‘foreseeable future’ 5.

The ‘foreseeable future’ does not mean ‘in perpetuity’; XPSp3 Extended Support ends Apr.

Users can link solutions such as Facebook or fb, My Space and Linked In using Ms windows Live User account, and show their contact’s Mail consumer upgrades with in the “Complete view” of Ms corporation Windows Live Messenger .

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Windows Live Essentials 2011 available for download) 2.

QFE1 Version RTW released Dec 1, 2010 – Build Number 15.4.3508.1109 ( Windows Live Mesh & Family Safety not updated) – no GUI changes, no official notice available on Windows Live Team site1.

Windows Live Messenger’s record audience is based on Microsoft company windows Picture Collection and provides customers a picture watching experience for photo collections distributed via Sky Drive and Facebook or fb.

The record audience is entertaining and facilitates complete screen and slide show ways, as well as watching and posting comments on Facebook or fb and Sky Drive collections.

Windows Live Messenger allow customers to appear off-line to particular individual connections, as well as to an entire classification within Microsoft company Windows Live Messenger , while showing on the internet to other connections.

This is a recent feature of Ms company Windows Live Messenger 2011, and is a departing from the previous editions of Microsoft company Windows Live Messenger , where preventing a get in touch with would prevent the “blocker” from delivering the consumer any information to the “blocker”.

MSN is alerting me though that a new version of Messenger Plus Live is available.

Would updating Messenger Plus update me to Windows Live Messenger/MSN 2011, as well...

I can't buzz anyone (if it used todo that), and i can't do cam, or send offline messages.