Think of this list as a quick overview of your resume for the benefit of the reader.

Online job applications can generate thousands of respondents, ranging widely in ability.

No matter what industry you may be applying for, résumés still matter.

The military resume reads as a complete history of the serviceperson’s career.

Civilian resumes need to carve away unnecessary filler and only provide relevant information. Many older professional resumes include pages of detailed job descriptions.

Look for a font that looks clear, crisp and modern.

Possible options include: Size is also a consideration.

A list of responsibilities is all well and fine, but it only shows the resume reader what you should have been doing, not how you did it. Experienced professionals can expand their resume to two pages, while those with more than 15 years of experience can get away with three pages.

Don’t feel you have to shoehorn every last job in your resume.Your job experience may be extraordinary, but presenting it in out-of-date formats gives prospective employers the impression you’re behind the times.Today’s resumes are leaner and meaner than their old counterparts.Any font smaller than size 9 font is too small for easy reading, and no one’s going to squint to read your resume.Size 10 to 12 makes your resume much more readable. Job reviewers can open and read PDF files easily, and you avoid the risk someone will accidentally edit your resume.Thankfully, the objective paragraph didn’t survive the transition to shorter, more concise resumes.