The recipient decrypts the data using the public key.A trust relation is established, and the communication continues.

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If there is a problem identifying the certificate issuing authority or if the public key is expired or corrupt, you will see a message saying .

Now talking about public key cryptography, it is like a bank vault.

Messages can be decoded and encrypted using either of the two.

Use of both the keys is essential to complete a communication.

Both the public and private key contain information about the Certificate Issuing Authority, Digi Cert, Comodo, and so on.

If your operating system considers the certificate issuing authority as trustworthy, the messages are sent back and forth between the browser and the websites.

Apple products no longer trust the Wo Sign CA Free SSL Certificate G2 intermediate CA.

To avoid disruption to existing Wo Sign certificate holders and to allow their transition to trusted roots, Apple products trust individual existing certificates that were issued from this intermediate CA and published to public Certificate Transparency log servers by 2016-09-19.

It has two keys – one with the branch manager and one with the user of the vault.

The vault opens only if the two keys are used and matched.

Apple uses public key infrastructure (PKI) to secure and enhance the experience for Apple users.