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updating xbox 360 with cd-42

Related: Best Gaming Headsets Round-up One of the big things Microsoft has focused on delivering over the course of 2014 is improving the entertainment features of the Xbox One – taking it tantalisingly close to being the all-in-one entertainment console it always promised to be.

That includes the introduction of DLNA support in the Xbox One October update.

But, for those of you still debating whether to buy an Xbox One, there are some key questions you may want answered first.

We've endeavoured to answer those questions for you in one handy Xbox One FAQ guide, to make sure you feel informed before you part with your cash.

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If you can afford the lump sum, we’d suggest you opt for the yearly membership, as the one-off payment will save you over £30 off the monthly payments.Other positioning tips include: Yes, through Instant-On mode.When you first boot up your Xbox One, you’ll be offered the choice of two power-off modes – don't worry, you can change your mind later.Related: Plex on Xbox One – How to stream from your PC to your Xbox One Yes, to store all your games, apps and other content.The Xbox One can, in fact, support up to two external hard drives at once, allowing you to increase your console’s storage.The Xbox One is also one of the first consoles – the Xbox 360 being the other one – to get the Plex app.