So he built a site that is outside of Linked In -- but has the company's stamp of approval.

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He also noted the popularity of the site’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature.

For better or worse, Linked In can function as an avenue when others aren’t available; even those who have strict privacy settings on Facebook or a partial name on Twitter may post a full résumé and photo on Linked In to attract future job opportunities.

One 31-year-old attorney recalled being asked to “connect” by a man who said he was interested in becoming a prosecutor.

Business-related talk soon gave way to questions about when she would be in his town.

How can I do something that fills a void in the market?

A lot of people are interested in using Linked In for dating, but it's not that easy because Linked In is set up for job hunting and networking," he says.

Reading further, she said, he began telling her about his family, suggesting they meet to talk about their lives and problems.“I was thinking, ‘OK, I think you’re on the completely wrong site for what you’re asking for,’ ” she said.

Now, she said, she might do a bit more digging into someone’s profile before accepting.“On the other social websites, it’s just my first name and a little bit about what I enjoy doing,” Prudhomme said. You can figure out who my colleagues are.”Plenty of places to flirt Dating coach Evan Marc Katz, whose clients nearly all date online, said he does not recommend reaching out to potential flames through Linked In.“It’s a business networking site, not a dating site, and I would think most people would make a very clear distinction between the two,” he said.

Prudhomme didn’t think anything of approving a connection request from someone she didn’t know in a similar industry, something she said she has done many times while working in sales.