Bladder infection can affect anyone of any age, race or gender; however, it is said that women face the more possibility in developing bladder infection than men and children.

Bladder infection has the second name which is urinary tract infection. Half of women suffer from bladder infection at least once during their life.

The most common lower urinary tract disease in dogs over seven years of age is incontinence related to a weak urinary sphincter muscle, allowing urine to “leak” out. Endocrine diseases such as adrenal disease and diabetes mellitus can predispose dogs to bacterial infection of the lower urinary tract.

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Therefore, we need to treat and prevent the bladder infection soon before it gets worse.

When you are old, it is difficult to diagnose the bladder infection.

Beside medication and drug treatment, alternative solution on how to treat bladder infection naturally without antibiotics is lifestyle changes and home remedies. However, aging is the factors that make man susceptible to bladder infection because prostate size increases due to aging.

The reason why women have more chances of developing bladder infection than men may be that women have shorter urethra. However, there are not many evidences to prove that theory.

They may require more thorough evaluation and longer antibiotic treatment than young adults who have uncomplicated infections.

Anyone can get one, and it’s most common in women, especially if they are pregnant.

If you experience the stabbing and burning pain every time you urinate, it means that you suffer from bladder infection.

This disease is caused by bacteria growth in urethra and the bladder.

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