Booking tickets online Buying tickets online in advance can save a lot of money.

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work the same way but have fewer intermediate stops.

Neither allow for seat reservations or require advance booking.

The differences between these are minor and simply connote the different trains for different lines. Reservations are required for all high-speed trains, including for rail-pass holders (see below). (See Booking Online, below) connect provincial cities and smaller towns to the major cities and have more intermediate stops.

Both Trenitalia and NTV publish discount fares in advance; these are generally nonrefundable and come with prohibitions or restrictions on changes, but they are much cheaper: e.g. These are slower and less plush but can be a good way to experience the sights of rural and provincial Italy.

If using a train ticket purchased at the station, be absolutely sure to validate the ticket before boarding (see below). They connect cities with more intermediate stops than high-speed trains and fewer than a Regionale or even Regionale Veloce train.

Sometimes they duplicate the high-speed routes, but more slowly (Rome-Florence-Venice, Milan-Bologna...), and sometimes they connect cities not serviced by high-speed lines.For a visual comparison, see Man in Seat 61's descriptions. ) travelers, but it's a matter of personal preference and budget.Adult raipasses generally default to 1st class service and is priced accordingly.♣ In-Person – When purchasing train tickets in person, you can either buy it directly from a person (from a ticket point or tabacchi), or from a ticket machine [pin-card needed when using a credit card].♣ Online – Purchasing advance train tickets online is very simple.These trains reach speeds up to 300 km/h and do not make many, if any, intermediate stops.