I have to say thank you to the folks on the linux-kernel mailing list at vger.

I posted there once, and had back at least 5 replies in an hour. As for the LG, it looks very nice seen thru Lynx 2-6 (no graphics to get messed up :) I love the Weekend Mechanic, and the 2 cent tips mainly. Duncan Hill, Student of the Barbados Community College Sat, -0600 From: Roger Booth, [email protected] To: [email protected] Jan97 Issue 33 of Linux Journal contained the "Linux Gazette Two Cent Tips".

Place the lines at the end of this messages in a shell script (/root/cron/swaplogs in this example). Execute it with 'sh scriptname', or by adding the following lines to your (root's) crontab: The problem is that when you remove the /var/adm/messages syslogd gets confused and unhappy and you have to give syslogd a HUPSIG but if you just sets the file length to zero without removing the file syslogd don't complain.

var adm messages not updating-35

A followup to the "Console Tricks" 2-cent tip: What I like to do is have a line in /etc/that says: Date: Thu, -0600 (CST) From: Greg Roelofs, [email protected] too thought Whirl GIF (Graphics Muse, issue 12) was the greatest thing since sliced bread (well, aside from PNG) when I first discovered it, but for creating animations, it's considerably inferior to Andy Wardley's Multi GIF.

The latter can specify tiny sprite images as parts of the animation, not just full images.

I was interested in the tip "X Term Titlebar Function".

Although the text of the tip stated that the tip would work in ksh-based systems, I could not get it to work as shown. First, I think there are a few transcription errors in the script.

I'd been wrestling with the problem for well over a week, and every time, I'd get an error.

Unfortunately, I had to take out sound support, so I'm going to see if it'll add back in.Having been through hell after a recompile of my kernel, I thought I'd pass this on.It all started with me compiling a kernel for JAVA binary support.tell me do that.Second, I believe the author is using embedded control characters and it was not obvious to me which character sequences are representations of control characters and which characters should be typed verbatim.Third, the author uses a command-line option to the echo command which is not available on all Unix platforms.Best of regards, Eje Gustafsson, System Administrator THE AERONAUTICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF SWEDEN Date: Thu, -0600 (CST) From: Greg Roelofs, [email protected] is a relatively minor point, but Info-ZIP's Zip/Un Zip encryption code is *not* DES as reported in Robert Savage's article (LG issue 12).