all works fine until the update proccess is started. query get certain data from datagrid and only displays that data. The programs updates all my rows (x amount) on the datagridview but when it is saved the first rows data is reverted to what it was before update proccess was started.. My rows ID Reg Brand 0 123 456 1 789 987 and i change those rows to ID Reg Brand 0 321 654 1 987 789 then when it is saved / updated to the datatable it comes out like this ID Reg Brand 0 123 456 1 987 789 The first row did not save the new data passed to the datagrid but all the other rows did save the data correctly...

vb net datagrid not updating-9

Which leads me to think that the ID of the edited field is being converted incorrectly. Text is empty string becuase your Member Id column is databound and appears as textbox in edit mode.

Also, you may have permission to read, but not update, the database through the server?

Newbie at Silverlight, working in Silverlight 3 & Visual Studio 2010, and I've reached the "bang head against wall" point with a small project.

What I've got is some data in the Line List variable, and while I want to display all of it in the datagride, for now I want to manipulate it (specifically, adding lines) with code that executes when a button is clicked, rather than having the user fiddle with the Data Grid.

Update Layout() ' *** *** *** I'd expect that the new entry in the Line List would show up at this point in the grid, ' but it does not. The line below shows that the Line List is, in fact, ' getting bigger, but the grid never reflects the new entries. But I'll finish this tweak before I get too wrapped up in that, unless the cause/solution is an obvious one from what I've posted already.

After I polish it a bit more, I will try to address why the sub that initially populates the grid isn't working with the initialize call but needs a separate button click to function.

THanks in advance ************************************************************************ Hello, to be on the same side, why don't you chcek this detailed tutorial, which will give you all you need about dealing with the datagrid, delete/update/edit/sort/..... check it, so what you can do and then report to me. I must have designed 50 DGs with edit/update/cancel/delete capabilities and have never run into this problem.

I went to the site but it doesn't show me more than I already know.

I really haven't got a clue but if you do work it out please post the answer...

Hi Guys / Gals I am new to programming and am having some trouble with my code to update my data from a datagridview wich is bound to a datatable. so this is how i change the datagridview For i As Integer = 0 To Me.

Text is not HTML encoded before it is displayed in the Data Grid control.