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] The virgin’s guide to first time sex The first time is a big deal. You spend several months or years wondering how first time sex would feel, and when the inevitable moment arrives, you’re obviously going to feel the immense pressure of your first sexual performance weighing on your shoulders.

If your boyfriend says all his friends have had sex and he’ll break up with you if you don’t have sex with him, dump the guy, he’s not worth it.

But here’s a piece of advice, the sex you watch in porn movies isn’t normal, so don’t compare yourself to that and don’t try to reenact a porn movie in your bedroom the first time you try to have sex.

In reality, first time sex is just like the first kiss. [Read: 10 sexy tips to turn into a passionate kisser in no time] Do you really have to wait to have sex for the first time? When you have sex for the first time with someone who doesn’t really care about your feelings, they may not care about how you feel just as long as they take your virginity from you.

[Read: How to use the five senses of sex to arouse your partner] The first time you rode a bicycle or drove a car, you weren’t your best at it, were you?

You needed time and a bit of practice to perfect it.

And it always helps to know a few rules and a few tips to make sure you enjoy any of your first experiences.

And when it comes to having sex too, it works just the same way.First time sex feels perfect only if the two people indulging in it communicate with each other and care about each other.[Read: 50 relationship questions to find out if your lover is truly compatible with you] If you’re being armtwisted into having sex for the first time, it could leave you feeling emotionally scarred and you may end up remembering it as a bad experience.Both of you should feel ready to have sex, and even if one of you isn’t ready just yet, wait a while.Don’t give into pressure or do it because a friend of yours says it’s amazing.Everyone says you have to wait for the right person to come along, wait for the right time, and wait for the right frame of mind, to have sex for the first time. And if you’re not in the right frame of mind, you may get carried away by the lust or even dislike sex for a long time.