Tinder removes the risk of being painfully rejected, providing users only with ego-boosting affirmations of physical appearance.

And because it’s based upon nothing more than “hotting” a photo, Tinder doesn’t suggest any form of commitment — catering to the commitment-phobia that runs rampant in college “hookup” cultures.

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“I think it’s just something fun to do when I’m bored or in class. There have been occasional matches that led to conversations which have lasted as long as a month, but I’m only still talking to them in the hopes that I get a nude pic.” Ohio State University sophomore Collin Stewart told campus newspaper that some of his friends have promoted Tinder, but personally thinks the app is “a little bit creepy and weird.” Likewise, Ohio State freshman Jenna Robinson told the campus newspaper she’s “scared to use Tinder.” “What if you’re walking through the Oval or you’re at a party and you see someone who is your Tinder match? Nevertheless, considering the application’s astronomical growth in less than a year, its propensity to stroke egos, and its support of the prolific college hook-up culture, the tech is probably – unfortunately – here to stay.

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“I think of it as a beauty contest plus messaging.” The irony, however, is that in the context of college campuses, Tinder’s ability to remove the potential for rejection suffers diminished capacities.

College students are frequently matched with campus acquaintances or other students from their own friend groups.

Choose from a lineup of characters, all with their own unique personalities and appearance. Engage in a conversation by responding to their statements with emotes.

Take actions like offering compliments, or telling a joke, Go on activities like mini golf or a dinner date.College kids don’t need bars or frat parties to find one-night stands anymore – that’s so last century.Tinder, the latest technology-driven flirting crutch, has transferred the collegiate hook-up scene to cyberspace, where today’s 20-somethings – raised in a culture with “participation trophies” and “there’s no wrong answers” – can find possibilities for meaningless sex without fear of rejection.If the “hotted” individual doesn’t reciprocate the sentiment, the secret is safe with Tinder.That Tinder is currently going viral on college campuses nationwide speaks to the appeal of such a trivial application.It’s unsurprising that such an application is striking such a chord.