I decided to stay just one night after I came back to Kuta. February 24, 2017 » Ria Went for a long walk, ready for action. I chatted with 2 girls, both 21, that are ready to meet me tomorrow. January 31, 2017 » Felly The girl that I chatted with yesterday did not reply to me all day. So, I started to chat with other ladies until I got one who could come over immediately. I walked into different barbershops where there were just a few girls, all MILFs or... I have also been chatting with some girls on Badoo.

I will come back to Bali another time and pray for better luck. Decided to go have a drink in one of the many beach restaurants. the bad news: both girls that I showed you yesterday canceled for today. Went for a long walk today and ended up swimming in the pool at my hotel. February 13, 2016 » Fina: Shoot I made it to the bars behind Harmony hotel. February 12, 2016 » Fina: Massage Walked around today, visiting some markets and small streets.

Their dialogue is witty and entertaining, and it's also disarming, because it makes these two thugs seem all too normal.

If you didn't know better, you might assume these were regular guys having chit-chat on their way to work.

Each of the three main story threads begins with a situation that could easily form the subplot of any standard gangster movie.

But something always goes wrong, some small unexpected accident that causes the whole situation to come tumbling down, leading the increasingly desperate characters to absurd measures.

June 24, 2016 » Ika: Part 2 I was still not in the best of health to fuck Ika again this morning, so I let her go home and I stayed in bed all day.

Indonesia, a country comprised of thousands of islands, has the world’s fourth highest population with more than 252 million people calling it home. She is leaving for Java tomorrow, so I am going t... She could not stop telling me how much she liked me. June 22, 2016 » Massage MILF in morning I felt better when I woke up this morning, but still not 100%. She was in a good mood and the sex was great again.See more » (at around 41 mins) When Vincent and Mia are in Jack Rabbit's, the video wall behind them showing a street scene jumps (e.g., cars and people disappear) each time the shot switches from Vincent to Mia.See more » One of the early scenes in "Pulp Fiction" features two hit-men discussing what a Big Mac is called in other countries.There was a nice atmosphere there but most people were tourists, until I saw two Indo... Last night, at around 1pm, I ended up in a little bar close to the beach. Chatted with the girl from Phuket, this morning, but I really think she is in fact a ladyboy. Woke up early and went for a long walk on the beach. One was sick, the other had a customer already that booked her for a week. It’s called Kampung Bule and from what I’ve heard, it’s not really the place to monger.